CPCC Services Corporation


  • Since its inception, the Services Corp has gifted more than $4 million back to the college for equipment/land purchases and departmental discretionary use.
  • More than 30 CPCC departments have benefitted from Services Corp revenue-sharing and other special project funding since 2010.
  • The Services Corp provides supplemental part-time employment to 10-month employees who fill approximately 53 positions available within Collegiate Test Prep and CPCC Summer Experience annually.
  • The Services Corp has provided funding to renovate buildings and launch new college initiatives such as, Festo-CPCC.
"The Services Corp works hard to provide a special product for our CPCC Summer Experience camps and is certainly an asset to Central Piedmont Community College and the various local communities who come here."

- Dale P. Callan
American Academy of Applied Forensics
Central Piedmont Community College