What is the CPCC Services Corporation?
The CPCC Services Corporation is a national model for institutions seeking alternative sources of revenue. We invest businesses of the college that generate unrestricted revenue annually and align with the College’s mission. The Services Corporation encourages employee entrepreneurship by providing our faculty and staff with an opportunity to start their own business while earning additional money for themselves and their department.

When was Services Corporation founded?
The Services Corporation was founded as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in June, 2001.

What is the mission of the CPCC Services Corporation?
To support CPCC, through the development of entrepreneurial products and services, in its commitment to advancing the life-long educational development of adults.

What types of projects are ideal to operate via Services Corporation?
The Services Corporation operates non FTE generating projects that require startup funding of <$10,000>, align with the mission of the college, and are expected to generate a profit within a minimum of three years.

What happens if my project doesn’t make a profit?
After a three year period, the Services Corporation Associate Vice President, and Board of Directors will review the projects financials to determine its viability.

How are project managers and college departments compensated?
Project managers and their representative departments can share a portion of the profit generated by their project if the project shows a net profit at year-end. Percentages are outlined prior to Board approval of all proposals. Project agreements vary depending on whether or not the project is directly owned by the Services Corporation and/or if it is an author contract via the CPCC Press.

What if I/my department has an idea for a project, but I don’t want to run the operations?
The Services Corporation serves as the project owner for several large projects. We can work with the project owner and/or department to determine how to compensate the owner of the idea.

How is the Services Corporation funded?
The Services Corporation is funded via profits from non FTE generating auxiliary services and projects of the college.

How can I learn more about the Services Corporation?
Invite us to host a workshop through CPCC Professional Development or contact Kari Case at 704.330.2722 ext. 3875 to schedule an appointment.