What is the CPCC Services Corporation?
The CPCC Services Corporation is an entrepreneurial incubator which invests 501c3 funds in revenue generating business ideas of College faculty and staff.

When was Services Corporation developed?
The Services Corporation was officially developed in June 2003.

What is the CPCC Services Corporation’s Mission?
To support CPCC, through the development of entrepreneurial products and services, in its commitment to advancing the life-long educational development of adults.

What types of projects are ideal to run through the Services Corporation?
Projects that require considerable start up funds ($10,000 or more), that follow the mission of the college, and that will show a return within three years.

What happens if the project doesn’t show a return?
After three years, the Board will look at the project financials and determine whether or not funding should be continued.

How are project owners compensated? 
This varies from project to project, but in general project owners and their departments share a portion of the profit(s) generated by their project. Percentages are determined in a signed agreement prior to approval of any/all proposal(s). Note: A Services Corporation Project Proposal Agreement differs from a CPCC Press author contract. Please see CPCC Press FAQ’s for more information regarding author contracts.

What if I have an idea for a product, but have no interest in working on it day to day?
Though rare, in some instances, the Services Corporation will act as the project owner, and on a case by case basis will determine how to compensate the owner of the idea.

How is the Services Corporation funded?
Auxiliary services and profits from projects.

How can I learn more about working with Services Corporation?  
Look around this website, ask CPCC Professional Development to host a workshop about the Services Corporation or call 704.330.6731 to schedule an appointment.